Greta’s Journey

Greta’s Journey



Family Musical Theater

«Today is the day! This is the phrase with which Greta has been waking up for 17 years with the hope that a family will adopt her. But Greta can wait no longer.

She needs to find out who her real family is. So, she will embark on a journey full of fun, fantasy and excitement where she will discover that sometimes what we want is just three stops away…

All aboard! Are you getting on?

  • Starring: María Zamora, Adrián Romero, and Marta Gálvez / Patricia Sánchez
  • Direction and Text: Mamen Mengó and Víctor Lucas
  • Musical Direction and Composition: Víctor Lucas
  • Choreographic Direction: Toñi B. Forascepi
  • Set Design: Dora Piles
  • Costume Design: Pascual Peris
  • Lighting Design: Stefano Recchia
  • Sound: Alejandro Ribera
  • Robotics Design: Domenec Mezquita
  • Poster: Mariano Martín
  • Videomapping: Patricia Sánchez, Yeray Varo, and José Luis Cardona
  • Stage Management Interns: Sara Martínez and Camilo Just
  • Communication: Paula Sierra
  • Photography and Design: Estel·la Latorre
  • Hall Management: Verónica Martínez
  • Distribution: Raquel Gonzálvez
  • Administration: Anna Carro, Rea Vasilaki, and Paula Giménez
  • Executive Production: Pedro Giménez

El Viaje de Greta ha sido beneficiaria de una ayuda del IVC a la producción 2021