Family Musical Theater

What if a spell transported a prince and princess to the present day? What if the only one who could save them was a crime novel writer who hates happy endings? A musical full of surprises, magic, humor and songs that will make us discover our own happy ending.


A crime novel writer in the midst of a creative and personal crisis is unable to find the perfect ending for his novel. Until a strange and magical book comes into his hands from which a prince and a princess emerge from whom an evil sorcerer has taken away their happy ending. Will they be able to survive the chaos, technology and stress of our time?


A musical for the whole family with a completely original story and music.

Come and immerse yourself in that magical madness!

Duration: 60 minutes

Type off Show: Family Musical Theater

Language: Valenciano and Spanish

Company: Off Artes Escénicas

Starring: Víctor Lucas, Mamen Mengó and Miquel Mateu
Direction and original idea: Víctor Lucas and Mamen Mengó
Original soundtrack: Víctor Lucas
Musical and vocal direction: Víctor Lucas
Lighting: Stefano Recchia and Víctor Lucas
Set design: Dora Piles
Costumes: Jairo Carrasco
Video projections: Víctor Sánchez
Puppet: Dora Piles
Hairstyling and characterization: Jairo Carrasco
Photography: Marc Pons
Poster: Mariano Martín
Production design: Pedro Giménez
Executive production: Pedro Giménez
Distribution: Off Artes Escénicas