¿Estás ahí?

Are you there?


Directed by Víctor Lucas


Adult Theater

A couple have just moved in with the idea of moving in together. The flat is small and uncomfortable, chaos reigns, moving boxes clutter the place, there are problems with the heating and the downstairs neighbours. But all this is nothing: the flat has the presence of a ghost who doesn’t take kindly to the arrival of the new couple.

Duration: 70 min.

Type of Show: Drama

Languaje: Valencian and Spanish

Company: Off Artes Escénicas

Starring: Manolo Maestro and Cristina Fernández

Director: Víctor Lucas

Playwright: Javier Dualte

Set Design: Luis Crespo

Costume Design: María Almudéver

Choreography: Toñi B. Forascepi

Assistant Director: Mamen Mengó

Magic Consultant: Nacho Diago

Production: Off Artes Escénicas

Executive Producer: Pedro Giménez